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Characterization of the Relationship Between MCC Particle Morphology and Powder Flowability by Shape Factor LI Jinbao,MA Feiyan,XIU Huijuan,ZHAO Xin,FENG Pan,YANG Xue 2019,38(12):1-6
Study on the Adsorption Behavior of Water-based Ink Particles onto Different Kinds of Pulp Fibers FENG Jie,SHI Chuanfei,SUN Yu,LUO Chong,ZHANG Wenhui,ZHANG Hongjie 2019,38(12):7-15
Application of MF Fiber in Flame Retardant Air Filter Paper QIAO Hui,LIANG Yun,XU Guilong,ZENG Jingshan,HU Jian 2019,38(12):16-21
Effect of the Ratio of Meta-aramid Fiber on the Foam and Paper Properties in Foam Forming System ZHEN Xiaoli,ZHANG Meiyun,SONG Shunxi,WANG Peiyao 2019,38(12):22-26
New Approach for Non-destructive Investigation of the Coated Ancient Chinese Papers LI Tao,LIU Chuang,GU Zhou,WANG Dongmei 2019,38(12):27-34
Effect of Ultrasonic-driven Plates with Different Thickness on Paper Drying Uniformity HOU Shunli,KONG Xiangxi,MEN Xin,YANG Heng 2019,38(12):35-42
Application of Quality Function Deployment in Disc Refiner Segment Design GUO Xiya,DONG Jixian,LIU Huan,JIANG Xiaojun,LUO Chong 2019,38(12):43-48
R&D and Application of New Type White Liquor Clarify Disk Filter YIN Hua,LI Jianbo,CHEN Anjiang,LI Mingqin,ZHANG Wenjuan,XIN Hua 2019,38(12):49-53
Design of Smoke-exhaust System in Conventional Paper Mill AN Ning 2019,38(12):54-57
Research Progress and Application of Ozone Bleaching Technology of Pulp YANG Guihua,ZHANG Kai,CHEN Hongguo,TIAN Zhongjian,HU Changqing,JI Xingxiang,CHEN Jiachuan 2019,38(12):58-64
Research Progress on Mechanism of Composite Polymer Flocculants and Its Application in Wastewater Treatment YANG Kaiji,YAO Chunli 2019,38(12):65-71
Harm of Typical Power Quality Disturbance in Papermaking Enterprises and Its Relevant Monitoring and Treatment Measures LIU Yan,TANG Wei 2019,38(12):72-77
Practical Case of Wastewater Treatment and Recycling of a Paper Mill DING Shaofeng,ZHANG Meng,FU Dayong,SU Wei 2019,38(12):78-83
Electro-Fenton Procress for Advanced Treatment of Papermaking Wastewater CHEN Xuehua,XU Huidao 2019,38(12):84-89
Effect of Different Fiber Raw Materials on the Properties of Carboxyethyl Microfibrillarized Cellulose Films LI Meican,CHEN Jinghuan,LIU Jingang,SU Yanqun,XU Zehong,ZHANG Ruijuan 2019,38(11):1-8
Investigation of Lignin Deposition Morphology on the Fibers of Wheat Straw Subjected to Hydrothermal-Ethanol Two-Step Fractional Separation LI Jinbao,FENG Pan,XIU Huijuan,LI Jingyu,SONG Te,LI Xiang 2019,38(11):9-15
Purification of Xylose in Poplar Prehydrolyzate by Activated Carbon Absorption Combined with TiO2 Photocatalysis GAO Qichao,YANG Guihua,JIANG Zaiyong,JI Xingxiang,YAN Jiaqiang,CHEN Jiachuan 2019,38(11):16-24
Influence of PET Fiber’s Cross Sectional Shape on Filtration Performance of Liquid Filter Materials LI Lanzhen,XU Guilong,ZENG Jingshan,LIANG Yun 2019,38(11):25-31
Evaluation of Trema Orientalis as a Papermaking Raw Material HAN Shaozhong,CHEN Keli,YIN Yudong,WU Zudong,LIAN Huayang 2019,38(11):32-36
Preparation of Wheat Straw Hydrogel and Its Adsorption Performance for Cu(Ⅱ) and Mn(Ⅱ) LYU Xiaoping,WANG Yang,SUN Qianyu,SHENG Jie,YANG Rendang 2019,38(11):37-41