China Pulp & Paper is a monthly publication and published jointly by China Technical Association of Paper Industry ( CTAPI )and China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute ( CNPPRI ). As one of the most important technical periodicals published in Chinese, China Pulp & Paper was established in 1962. It develops with the spirit of science, innovation and preciseness and serves the whole Chinese pulp and paper industry. With the support of the engineers, researchers and the persons who work in the pulp and paper field, China Pulp & Paper grows into one of the most prestigious and influential paper technical periodicals.

China Pulp & Paper has several columns, which includes peer reviewed papers, articles, reviews, forum, new technology new equipment new process, production trials, briefs, pulp and paper related news, and so on. Articles cover subjects from raw materials, pulp and papermaking technology, comprehensive utilization of waste liquor and pollution control, equipment, automation and so on. It publishes the latest research and development, and the production experience, which greatly promote the technical improvement and innovation of the industry.

China Pulp & Paper has continuously been selected as “Chinese Core Periodicals”, “Statistical Source Periodical of China Technical Proceedings”, “Source Periodical of China Scientific Quotation Database”, “Evaluation Data Source Periodical of China Scientific Literature” and has been embodied by international indexes such as  Scopus , CA, etc., and be selected in China Association for Science and Engineering of top journals fourth phase.


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